T-44 Orca Whale Bones

PUBLISHED online In Breakwater MAGAZINE (2019)

Bringing an Orca Whale back to life is no easy task, but Mike and Michi have had plenty of experience. The pair have been re-articulating marine mammals at their studio on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia for years. Most recently they have been working on T-44 a Transient Orca whale for the Telegraph Cove Whale Interpretive Centre. Which I was lucky enough to catch.

T-44 was first caught on camera in the area in 1978 and though never made a home in the North Island waters like the local residents, he was spotted a confirmed 161 times in his 32 years of life.

A transient whale's diet differs from resident orca’s and they feed primarily on other marine mammals. At the time of T44’s death in 2009 he was found with two seal pup tags in his stomach as well as over 300 seal claws.